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Have you ever wondered why you chose the animal companion that you did? Or do you feel that your animal companion chose you? Animals, just like people, have past lives. With those past lives comes the need to complete karmic lessons and heal soul wounds. We become connected with our animal companions in this life time as a result of those needs. The need to heal the feelings of abandonment, betrayal, loss, death, being powerless and many others. Not all of our interactions with our animals are happy and joyous, but what if we could discover why the “bad” situations happen. What if we discover why our dog has separation anxiety. Why our cat destroyes anything that belongs to a certain family member. Why our horse is afraid of men or why our goat insist on sleeping in a tree.

In uncovering our animal companion’s past lives we are able to help them to heal their wounds and complete their karmic lessons. Maybe our dog was taken away from her mother too soon. Our cat may have been with that family member in a past life and they have some unfinished karma to complete. Our horse could have been a work horse in a past life and was worked to death by a man. And maybe our goat was a cheetah in a past life and just likes to sleep in the trees.

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